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24 Hour Professional Plumbing Services

Water Heaters

East Coast Plumbing Techs are water heater specialists.  Your Water Heater is the heart of your plumbing system. It is connected to your cold water supply and feeds your home with every drop of hot water.  There are many types and sizes of water heaters and several components that can fail.  Here are a few typical types of water heaters.


*  Electric Water Heaters

*  Natural Gas Heaters

*  Propane Heaters

*  Tankless Heaters

*  Powervent Heaters

*  Direct Vent Heaters 

*  Hybrid Heaters

*  Boiler Systems


Here are a few water heater components that may be failing or need replacing on your water heater.


* Dip Tube    * Anode Rod   * Cold Water Inlet Valve  

* Pressure Relief Valve  * Drain Valve   * Electric Supply  

* Upper Thermostat   * Lower Thermostat  * Upper

   Element   * Lower Element   * Gas Valve 

*Gas Thermostat  *Vent  Piping   *Control Panel   * Drain Pan


Water Heaters need to be Maintained


Most Manufactures require water heater owners to flush their unit once every year.  This is part of their warranty agreement.  Please take notice to the picture on the right.  Water heaters build up debris and calcium composites and they begin to break down the heater's components. To prolong your water heater's life span and help improve your drinking water East Coast Plumbing offers Water Heater Flushes as Low as $49 for our Club Members.

24 HR Professional Plumbing Services
24 HR Professional Plumbing Services
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