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24 Hour Professional Plumbing Services

Drain Cleaning

Clogged line?  You came to the right place.  East Coast Plumbing Techs are drain cleaning specialists.  There are many different types of drain lines in a home.


* Kitchen   * Tub   * Shower   * Toilet  

* Hand Sink   * Laundry   *Sewer Main  

* Hung Sewer    * Under Slab   * Lift Systems


Every clogged line is different, depending on the type of drain line there could be any number of techniques and solutions to remedy the problem.  Our Qualified Technicians have the experience and technology to Camera and Diagnose your drainage lines. Here are a few solutions for drain line blockages. ​

24 Hour Professional Plumbing Services
24 Hour Professional Plumbing Services
24 Hour Professional Plumbing Services

There are multiple ways to power auger your drainlines.  "Pipe size" and "what fixture they are draining" play a role in choosing which piece of machinery is needed.  East Coast Plumbing has the experience and the technology to diagnose and break up any blockage. ​

Sometimes there are drain line problems that cannot be solved with augering or jetting.  Root cutting is a temporary fix that will eventually return and cost you money.  Please take notice to the picture on the right for  a few common replacement situations. 

Jetting is a drain clearing technique​ that utilizes high pressure water to make an initial punture or tempered water to break up grease. 


Power Augers & Snaking



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